Pricelist of motorcycles, rollers, mopeds, ATVs maintenance and repairworks

Base service Hubraum | Price taxes inc (EUR)
I serviceset up to 500 km or afer every 6 months:
Oilchange, ignition system parts controll. Checking the conditions of chain, chainweels, tyres, brakes, braking and clutchliquid, amortization, battery, cooling liquids and hawsers (not including spareparts and other gear)
50, 125 ccm 48 €
250, 350 ccm 54 €
650 ccm 66 €
II serviceset up to 1500 km , 3000 km or after every 12 months:
Besides I serviceset, will check the engines flaps, the spark-plugs, changing oil from front amortization (not including spareparts and other gear)
50, 125 ccm 54 €
250, 350 ccm 66 €
650 ccm 78 €
Base repairs
To the clients of OÜ Baros 30 €
To our regular clients 24 €
Determination of the motorbikes technical condition 48 €
Determination of the motors technical condition 30 €
Transport service inside Tallinn 0.5 €/km
After the work is done, the owner must pick up the vehicle or aggregate in 72 hours. After that time passed, OÜ BAROS has the right to charge rent 5 €/24h

OÜ BAROS does not allow self service or renting of tools!
The Seller has rights to change prices without notice.